STS41D-41-0029 MacDonnell Ranges, Northern Territory, Australia September 1984
The parallel, folded ridges stretching east-west across the upper half of the picture are part of the MacDonnell Ranges of arid central Australia (Northern Territory). Finke River, the curving light-colored dry channel cuts through the MacDonnell Ranges (north) and the James/Krichauff Ranges (south). A small tributary (ephemeral at best) can also be traced westward across the uplifted intermontane plain from its confluence with the Finke River (slightly right of center). The oval feature (lower left quadrant) is Gosses Bluff, an impact crater. The varied colors throughout the image reflect differing types of bedrock and iron content of the sediment. Refer to STS41D-41-031 for overlapping coverage east of this image.

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