STS095-721-0AT Irrawaddy River Basin, Myanmar November 1998
The Irrawaddy River, the chief river of Myanmar (Burma), enters the scene at the bottom right. The river flows in a generally southwest direction before turning to the south and exiting the scene midway between the upper left and center left of the view. In this scene, numerous sandbars are visible in the main river channel. The Irrawaddy's chief tributary, the Chindwin River, is discernible entering the Irrawaddy in the bottom right portion of the image. The Chindwin River is 550 miles (885km) long and rises in the Kumon Range in northern Myanmar. The dark area to the south of the Irrawaddy and just to the left of center of the image is the 5080 Foot (1518 meters) Popa Mountain, an extinct volcano. At the top of the image, many small streams can be seen emptying into the Irrawaddy from the forested Arakan Mountain Range.

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