STS095-712-022 Chungyang Mountains, Taiwan November 1998
A section of the rugged, steep sloped and densely forested Chungyang Mountains (dark, north-south aligned feature) can be identified in southern Taiwan. Maximum elevations in this section of the mountain range from slightly over 10000 feet (3048 meters) above sea level in the north (lower right) to less than 6000 feet (1830 meters) in the south (middle left edge). The southerly draining Peinan River Valley along the east coast (light-colored line-bottom center) and the southwesterly draining Chishan River (light-colored line-center of the image) can be traced through the mountainous terrain. The southwest coastal cities of Kaohsiung (upper left) and Tainan (upper center) can be seen through the hazy atmosphere that constantly plagues the highly industrialized and densely populated west coastal plain of Taiwan.

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