STS091-704-092 Namak Desert, Iran June 1998
Located in northeast Iran, the Namak Desert includes the extensive, highly reflective salt waste or dry lake (center image). Runoff from very limited precipitation that occurs in this arid region drains toward the dry lake. A westerly draining stream valley (light-colored linear feature) extends towards the top center as the intermittently flowing stream heads towards the Great Salt Desert (not in this view). The darker looking, generally elongated features are mountain ranges that enclose many of the arid valleys in northeastern Iran. Elevation differences or local relief between the valley floors and mountain peaks or ridgelines vary from less than 1000 feet (305 meters) to well over 3000 feet (914 meters). Large quantities of eroded materials (uniform-looking color) have formed piedmont alluvial plains around the base of the mountains. The object in the lower left corner of the image is part of the Space Shuttle.

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