STS090-739-036 Lake Mead, Nevada/Arizona, USA April 1998
The rugged desert landscape around Lake Mead is evident in this south looking view of southeastern Nevada and northwest Arizona. Numerous mountain ranges and cliffs, including Muddy Mountains (northwest of the lake), Black Mountains (along the eastern side of the Colorado River south of Hoover Dam), Virgin Mountains (northeast of lake), and the Grand Wash Cliffs (south of the lake), can be identified across the region. The Colorado River enters Lake Mead from the eastern side (left center) of the picture. Two distinct tributaries, the Virgin River from the north and the Meadow Valley Wash from the northwest, feed into the elongated, north-south arm of the lake. The Colorado River can be seen meandering south (forming the border between Arizona and Nevada) from the southwest section of Lake Mead after the river water passes through Hoover Dam (not detectable on this image). The light colored, linear features south of Lake Mead are washes (intermittent stream channels). The easternmost wash is connected to Red (Dry) Lake that can be seen in the southeast corner of the picture. Other lighter colored areas scattered across the desert terrain are also salt flats or dry lakebeds.

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