STS090-705-093 San Diego Area, California, USA April 1998
The small scale of this image that includes San Diego (CA) and Tijuana (Mexico) allows the viewer to see the relationship of these two growing urban areas with regard to each other and also to the mountainous terrain south and east that effects their growth pattern. Three major colors in this picture reflect three distinct features: the lighter colored areas show the distribution of a human modified environment (urban, built-up); the darker land shows mountainous terrain (only sparsely populated); and the deep blue color of the Pacific Ocean. While it is difficult in general to identify specific urban infrastructure within these urban areas, segments of Interstate Highways 5, 8, and 15 are visible north, northeast of San Diego. San Diego Bay, the elongated, northwest-southeast oriented body of water is visible near the center of the image. The three small islands, Islas Coronados, off the coast belong to Mexico.

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