STS089-707-088 Lakes Villarrica, Calafquen, Panguipulli, and Rnihue, Chile January 1998
The Piedmontane Lakes of Villarrica (lower left), Calafquen (near center), Panguipulli (just right of center), and Rinihue (right center) are in central Chile. All of these lakes evolved inside glacial troughs that descended from the Andes. These lakes were built by terminal moraines, behind which melting snow waters were dammed during de-glaciation thousands of years ago. The lakes enjoy a balanced water budget and clean, clear water due to the steady feeding by snowmelt in the high Andes Mountains (top portion of image). The lakes are rich in fish, particularly trout. The region is a renowned tourist attraction. Some snow-covered volcanoes are also visible in the image. Villarrica is a stratovolcano is located just to southeast of Lake Villarrica slightly below the left center of the image. About 20 explosive eruptions have occurred since 1558. The severe eruption in 1971 melted large volumes of snow and ice resulting in mudflows that killed 15 people. The last eruption of the volcano occurred late in 1992. In the upper left corner of the image is Lanin, a dormant stratovolcano, actually located in Argentina. Lanin Volcano, at 12388 feet (3807 meters) has not erupted during historical times. Finally, in the upper right portion of the image is Rinihue, a dormant 7946-foot (2424 meters) stratovolcano that also has not erupted during historical times.

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