STS087-701-037 Ubolratna Reservoir, Thailand November 1997
The Khorat Plateau, located in northeast Thailand, is an elevated plain that is broken only by an occasional, narrow, isolated mountain ridge (elongated, dark features). These low mountains (average elevations between 1500 feet - 457 meters and 2500 feet - 762 meters above sea level) are seen primarily in the right half (western side) of the image. Recognizable features in the image includes the Ubolratna Reservoir (dark, irregular shaped feature) located slightly right of center; an elongated but irregular shaped Lam Pao Reservoir (dark feature) along the left edge of the image; a small reservoir (dark feature) bottom center; and the linear-looking mountain ridges. The mottled-looking landscape shows the distribution pattern of small rice producing fields.

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