STS085-721-064 Bornholm Island, Denmark August 1997
Located in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Poland, Bornholm Island is the easternmost and smallest county of Denmark. Although relatively small in size (226 square miles-587 square km), this Danish island offers a variety of scenic landforms and land use activities that includes sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, forests (mainly darker areas near the center of the island), and an extensive area of cultivated field patterns (lighter colored terrain). Because of the moderating influence of the Baltic Sea, Bornholm has a relatively mild climate in comparison with the Scandinavian countries north of the island. As a result of the moderate temperatures and the scenic beauty of the island, tourism has become one of the major economic activities for islanders since World War II. The small islands of Christians and Frederiks, which are controlled by the Danish Ministry of Defense, are visible as light colored features northeast of Bornholm Island.

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