STS081-728-083 Rio Limay, Argentina January 1997
The varying width of the Limay and Collon Cura Rivers (dark, linear features) create substantial reservoirs, constructed to produce hydroelectric power for Argentina. The water in these reservoirs provides a dramatic color contrast with the sparsely vegetated, arid terrain of the rugged plateau of Patagonia in southern Argentina. Two glacially formed lakes (dark features, top) are visible within valleys on the eastern flank of the Andes Mountains (top). The larger, southern lake is Lago Nahuel Huapi and the narrow northern lake is Lago Traful. These lakes and numerous smaller lakes within the Andes Mountains provide snow and ice runoff that feeds the rivers and streams along the eastern front of the Andes Mountains. This section of the northeasterly flowing Rio Limay forms the border between Neuquen Province (north of the river) and northwest Rio Negro Province (south of the river). The south flowing Rio Collon Cura is seen merging with the Rio Limay near the center of the image.

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