STS078-747-81 Ataturk Reservoir, Turkey June 1996
This northeast-looking view shows the Ataturk Reservoir and Dam, presently the largest man-made lake in Turkey. Located in south central Turkey on the Euphrates River, Ataturk Reservoir was completed in the early 1990's. The meandering Euphrates River (dark line) can be seen exiting the scene below the left center of the image. This particular image was acquired with the waters of the reservoir at the edge of the sun's reflection or sun glitter (Reference STS078-747-80). In the middle of the sun's reflection, the surface waters appear lighter in color, especially if the surface is smooth. In this image the smooth waters appear as dark blue, and roughened waters appearing as a light blue color. Several eddies are visible on the water's surface. Because of this and other dams north of the Ataturk Reservoir, water flow of the Euphrates River has been reduced causing political problems for Turkey's neighbors to the south (Syria and Iraq). Discussions between the three countries to reach an agreeable solution to the problem are ongoing. Numerous angular field patterns can be seen throughout the image. The highly reflective surface area immediately to the west of the dam (left center of the image) appears to be an area where quarried rocks were used for the construction of the dam.

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