STS073-706-006 Savannah, Georgia, U.S.A. October 1995
Some of the street grid patterns of Savannah are visible in this northwest-looking photograph of the east Georgia coast. Discernible are the linear runway of Hunter Army Air Field to the south and the intersecting runways of Savannah International Airport to the northwest. Light, linear north-south-oriented Interstate Highway 95 passes west of Savannah, and Interstate Highway 16 is an eastern extension of a roadway that connects Atlanta and Savannah. Apparent are darker, more elevated, wooded terrain and a gray landscape along the coast and river channel depicting low lying, swampy, vegetated areas. Sediment plumes appear at the mouths of rivers and their estuaries. Highly reflective sandy beaches jut into the Atlantic Ocean. The Savannah River and its fairly broad floodplain form the boundary between this part of east Georgia and southern South Carolina.

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