STS068-256-068 Alexandria, Louisiana October 1994
A concentration of cultivated field patterns is observable on the floodplain (light-colored swath running horizontally across the image) of the Red River both southeast and northwest of Alexandria. The actual river channel is difficult to identify as it flows southeast, especially as it meanders through the built-up urban area of Alexandria. Since Alexandria is located near the center of the state, several ground transportation links including highways--Interstate Highway 49 that connects Shreveport with Lafayette--and railroad right a ways can be traced across the fairly flat landscape (generally light-colored, thin, linear features). The darker terrain is primarily forested land. Intersecting runways for the two airports can also be discriminated: England Air Force Base immediately west of the highly reflective downtown area in the center of the image, and Esler Field which is located northeast of the downtown area of Alexandria.

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