STS068-154-087 Lake Khubsugul, Mongolia October 1994
One of the largest fresh water lakes in Asia, Lake Khubsugul (Hovsgol) can be seen in this south-looking view. Lake Khubsugul is 83 miles (133 km) long and 21 miles (34 km) wide. The Selenga-Moron River drains Lake Khubsugul to the south. The Selenga River, which is one of the main rivers of Mongolia, eventually empties into Lake Baykal to the north. Lake Khubsugul, which is frozen almost six months of the year, supports a major fishing industry. The lake is located in the Eastern Sayan Mountains and the region around the lake suffers from frequent earthquakes. Efforts by the Mongolian Ministry of Environmental Protection has made great progress in keeping the waters of Lake Khubsugul mostly pollution free. The Valley of the Dood Lake is visible to the right (west) of Lake Khubsugul.

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