STS056-100-069 Bremer Bay, Western Australia, Australia April 1993
Three peninsulas (center of picture) help to locate this rugged section of coastline along the southwest coast of Western Australia. These peninsulas are roughly 90 miles (145 kilometers) northeast of the small city of Albany. Notice that the three peninsulas create two small bays, the easternmost bay is Bremer Bay. The coastal region shown in this image is part of a popular vacation area. Much of the interior and coast require four-wheel drive vehicles to traverse the rugged terrain. The small, highly reflective (whitish-looking) features near the peninsulas appear to be sand dunes and beaches along the shoreline. The darker looking landscape tends to be more heavily vegetated, while the lighter colored areas show the extent and distribution of cultivated fields and pasture lands (STS056-100-070 is an overlapping image east of this picture).
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