STS051-101-047 Georgina River, Queensland, Australia September 1993
The Georgina River, a series of multi-braided channels nearest the right side of the image, is one of many ephemeral rivers in central Australia that drains towards the interior of the continent and then just disappears into the landscape. In this particular image the sun's reflection off some standing water (called sunglint) in the Georgina River is visible as a white-looking, curving line (upper right) just north of the Roxborough Downs area. Pituri Creek and several smaller tributaries also visible in the western half of the picture. Pituri Creek is close to the Georgina River near the town of Glenormiston (small dark spot on Pituri Creek at the bottom center of the image). The linear color change (slightly above center of the picture) between the Georgina River and Pituri Creek probably marks a fence line or property boundary.
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