STS047-094-006 Le Havre, France September 1992
The city of Le Havre, located on the northwest coast of France, is a major seaport and window to the world for France. Located on the north side of the Seine River estuary, Le Havre, with a population that exceeds 200 000, is a key port for transatlantic passenger service, as well as a transshipment center for oceangoing freight. A large percentage of the labor force in this region of France is involved in the movement of manufactured goods and people into and out of France. A ferry line connects Le Havre with Southampton, England, and the city has an excellent harbor and fine shipbuilding facilities. Outside the city, agriculture is the predominant occupation; wheat is a major crop. This area is part of the much larger region known as the lowlands of north-central Europe, a highly productive farm belt.
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