STS047-075-082 Atlasova Island, Kuril Islands, Russia September 1992
This low-oblique, southwest-looking photograph of Atlasova Island shows the classic radial drainage pattern seen in most stratovolcanoes. Atlasova Island is located at the northern end of the Kuril Islands arc about 60 miles (95 kilometers) west of the southern tip of Kamchatka Peninsula, Russia. This island's summit reaches 7675 feet (2340 meters) above sea level, making it the highest point in the Kuril chain. The other land visible in this photograph is the northern end of Paramushir Island, another volcanic island in the Kuril archipelago. The Kuril Islands are a continuation of the volcanic mountains of Kamchatka Peninsula to the north and the Japanese islands to the south. (Refer to STS-068-231-054 for a view of other Kuril Islands, including Onekotan Island.)
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