STS034-074-101 International Amistad Reservoir and Del Rio, Texas, U.S.A. October 1989
Located on the Rio Grande in southwest Texas at the Texas-Mexico border, the International Amistad Reservoir was completed in 1969 as an international flood control project, which can be seen in this north-looking, low-oblique photograph. In the photograph two rivers are visible as they enter the International Amistad Reservoir--the Pecos River northwest of the lake and Devils River to the north. The dam and reservoir support the surrounding region--both Mexico and Texas--with hydroelectric power for municipalities and industry and irrigation water for agricultural crops. Southeast of the dam and barely discernible in the photograph is the small city of Del Rio, Texas. A port of entry to the United States from Mexico, Del Rio is the marketing and distribution center for the region. Agriculture is the main industry in the area, with products including alfalfa, truck crops, and fruits; sheep grazing and wool production are also important. Laughlin Air Force Base, a major jet training command located east of the city, is another major employer in the region.
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