STS033-079-018 Lake Macleod, Western Australia, Australia November 1989
Located north of the small coastal city of Carnarvon, estimated population 7200, Lake Macleod is the westernmost lake in Western Australia. Climatically, this part of Western Australia is greatly influenced by the north-flowing Western Australian current that brings cool water northward from Antarctica, which is not conducive to producing inland precipitation. This cool offshore current, coupled with a very flat coastal plain, contributes to the near-desert-like conditions along the coastal region as evidenced by the brown landscape around the lake and the highly reflective salt beds within the lake. The low point in the lake appears to be near the northern end where the light blues indicate some standing water. Close inspection discloses very faint lines at the southernmost end of Lake Macleod where large evaporation beds are used for the production of high-quality salt. Dirk Hartog, a Dutchman, made the first authenticated landing by a European along this coastline in 1616. Early explorers recorded phenomenal tidal ranges along this coastal area.
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