STS028-091-00B Dzhungarsk Range, Sasykkol Salt Lake, Kazakhstan August 1989
The northern part of the Dzhungarsk Range can be seen in the upper left portion of the image in this southwest-looking view. The southern part of Sasykkol Salt Lake (highly reflective surface) is visible in the lower right part of the image. The northwestern part of Alakol Salt Lake is discernible in the lower left portion of the image. Roads are visible traversing the scene from just below the right corner of the image (northwest) exiting the scene at the left center of the image. These roads are the main transportation routes between China and Kazakhstan. A large alluvial fan covered with agricultural fields is visible midway between the left center and center of the image. A smoke plume is discernible in the lowland marshes of the Shinzhaly River Plain midway between the bottom center and center of the image.

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