STS008-48-2510 Lake Disappointment, Western Australia, Australia September 1983
Lake Disappointment is an irregularly shaped dry lake that is located in north central Western Australia. The lake covers approximately 370650 acres (150000 ha) and is fed by the Savory Creek (not discernible on this image) that feeds into the northwest side of the lake. Lake Disappointment lies at the lowest point in a large basin (the Little Sandy Desert bioregion) of exposed sandstone. Evaporation rates far exceed the meager rainfall amount--mean annual rainfall is 7.5 inches (190 mm). Sand dunes on the lake form islands rising 16-60 feet (5-18 meters) above the bed. Notice the eastern half of the lake is darker in color, indicating that the elevation of the land is probably somewhat higher with more vegetative cover than the highly reflective western side of the lake. The lake was named in 1897 by explorer F. H. Hann who was searching for fresh water but was disappointed when he discovered that the lake was saline.

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