STS008-36-1403 Raoul Island, Kermadec Islands September 1983
The most active volcanic island of all of the Kermadec Islands, Raoul can be seen in this south-looking view. Raoul, a stratovolcano, is located halfway between North Island, New Zealand, and Tonga Island in the Pacific's volcanic "Ring of Fire." Raoul sits atop the Indian/Australian Plate. The Pacific Plate to the island's east (left) is subducting beneath the Indian/Australian Plate forming the Tonga/Kermadec Trench. Raoul Volcano rises 8987 feet (2740 meters) above the ocean floor. The volcano rises to 1693 feet (516 meters) above sea level. The island is roughly triangular in shape with an area of 11 square miles (29 square km). Raoul has erupted 14 times in the historic past, the last in November 1964.

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