NM23-742-193 Rhine River Valley, Mannheim, Germany Winter/Spring 1997
The Rhine River can be seen entering the scene just above the left center (south) of the view. The river traverses the view and exists the scene at the right center (north) of the view. The Rhine River, 820 miles (1320 km) long is one of the busiest rivers in the world, transporting much of Western Europe's commerce. Along this part of the river, the Rhine flows in a widened valley or trench, formed by the collapse of a segment of the earth's crust. Agriculture is intensive on slopes of the valley. Forested hills (darker landscapes) are visible on both sides of the river valley. The city of Mannheim is located on the east bank of the Rhine River at the confluence of one of the main tributaries of the Rhine, the Neckar River (slightly left of center). The city is a major inland port and an industrial center.

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