NM23-721-551 Salvador, All Saints Bay, Brazil Winter/Spring 1997
The first formally established settlement in Brazil, the city of Salvador, is located on the tip of the peninsula. All Saints Bay, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean, provides a protected harbor to the city. Salvador is divided into an upper city, which is built along a cliff overlooking the bay, and a lower city, which extends from the foot of the cliff westward to the bay. The upper and lower cities are connected by elevators, cable cars, and graded roads. Salvador is the commercial center of the Reconcavo, a major agricultural area, and a major shipping center for the Cacao district to the south. Food processing is one of the leading industries in the city. Salvador is also a leading and fashionable tourist center. Because of an influx of black African slaves, the area is noted for its African heritage in music, dance, folk customs, and cuisine. The lighter tan-colored region to the north-northeast of Salvador is a major oil field.

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