NM23-721-519 Rio Cuarto Craters, Argentina Winter/Spring 1997
The northeast-southwest aligned string of lakes spanning about 19 miles (30 kilometers) is the result of about 10 oblong meteorite craters ranging in size from a few kilometers to about 820 feet (250 meters) along their long axis. The shape and alignment of the lakes suggests a low angle impact. Small meteorites were found in a crater confirming the lakes impact origin. The crater lakes have been dated at less than 10000 years old. From southwest to northeast, these lakes include Laguna de la Sal, Laguna Venado, Laguna Monte (lake with a large island near the center), Laguna Cochico, and Laguna Alsina. These lakes are located in west central Buenos Aires state. The landscape surrounding the lakes is covered by cultivated field patterns.

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