NASA6-712-052 Sierra Madre del Sur, Acapulco, Mexico Fall/Winter 1997
The rugged mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur (bottom portion of image) and the vacation resort city of Acapulco (near the center of the image) are discernible in this south-looking view. The Sierra Madre del Sur or as it is sometimes referred to, the Southern Highlands, are made up of ancient crystalline rock that has been dissected into deep V-shaped valleys creating a landscape of steep slopes and knife-edged ridges. Acapulco and its excellent harbor, is fairly isolated by the rugged ranges of the Sierra Madre del Sur to its north. The city is a shipping point for the agricultural products of the region and has suffered frequent earthquakes and hurricanes. A major hurricane during the late summer of 1997 brought above normal amounts of precipitation to the mountains of the Sierra Madre del Sur and the coastal regions surrounding the city of Acapulco. Flooded streams brought water, mud, and debris down the mountain slopes into the city, destroying many homes and other buildings. Many people were killed or injured and many more were made homeless.
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